You want your pet to travel with you? It is always welcome on board the train, on a lead with a Pet Supplement . 

  • € 3 per singel trip for an animal on a lead
  • a small pet in a basket, cage or box, which is no larger than the dimensions on the picture (30x55x30cm) doesn't have to pay a ticket
  • No Pet Supplement needed for a guide dog or assistance dog (for assistance dogs, you must present a personal accessibility card issued by a recognised training centre. This card must be validated every year by this centre).
  • A muzzle is not mandatory but is recommended for dogs, the conductor may insist that you put a muzzle on your dog.
  • your pet may not sit on the seats or tables 

Travelling with your pet

You pet is welcome on board the train provided it is kept safely and is well-behaved in respect of other passengers.

3 reasons to buy your train ticket online

  • you buy your ticket wherever and whenever you want
  • you save time by skipping the queue at the ticket office
  • you always have your ticket on your smartphone