Bike on the train

Are you taking your bike with you on the train? Opt for the Bike Supplement!

  • free for folding bikes (fold before boarding)
  • (e-)bikes, tandem, trailers or segways
  • € 4 single trip
  • to any destination in Belgium
  • before boarding, consult the train conductor for advice on whether bike spaces are available and where to place your bike. 

NEW: BikeOnTrain Travel Planner

Discover the travel planner dedicated to bikes.
BikeOnTrain helps you choose the best route to travel on trains with your bike.

Check in a few clicks :
  • the number of bicycle spaces on board your train
  • whether boarding requires the intervention of the train controller
  • the floor height of the train

Good to know

  • There are only a limited number of bicycle spaces on the train. If the places provided for bicycles are already occupied, you are required to take the next train.
  • Need a bicycle parking place? Find more information about free or paying bike parking.
  • Prefer to rent a bike? View bicycle rental offers at the station.
  • It is not permitted to get your bike on or off the train in the following train stations: Brussels-Central, Brussels-Congres and Brussels-Chapelle.
  • For logistical reasons, groups are not allowed to bring bicycles.
The bicycle (including electric bicycles) must be loaded and unloaded by the traveller.

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