Reaching out for support

SNCB and SAP Ariba have set up support channels and supportive websites, to assist suppliers with issues and questions when collaborating on the SAP Ariba platform:

Self-learning via video instructions:

  • SAP Ariba created a playlist of "How to" videos for suppliers on YouTube. You can consult them here
  • The multilingual SAP Ariba Network Supplier (video) Learning Site : click here

Useful trainings:

Helpdesk website:

  • The SAP Ariba Help Center can support suppliers with account-related questions or technical issues. The Help Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week : Login on your SAP Ariba Network Supplier or click directly here.

    You will find information on login and registering to the network. But also a learning page and FAQ under the menu Home. (see example page below).

  • Business related questions should be directed to [email protected] with preferably your SNCB contact in cc.