Discover Jungle City by train: an unforgettable adventure for children aged 0 to 12!

Hop on board our train and set off on an adventure to Jungle City, the amusement park especially designed for children aged 0 to 12! As soon as you arrive, you'll be immersed in the Jungle where fun and wonder know no bounds.

Attractions for all ages
Jungle City offers a multitude of exciting attractions suitable for every age group. From gentle rides for the little ones to more thrilling adventures for the older kids, every child will find something to enjoy and entertain them. 

Animal encounters
Take your children to discover the animals! They can meet emus, marmosets, meerkats, parrots, and many other animals.

Tribal Village: a large outdoor playground
The Tribal Village is a vast outdoor playground where children can run, climb and explore to their heart's content. This themed village is designed to stimulate imagination and provide hours of fun. The varied play structures allow every child to find their favorite activity, whether it's slides, swings or obstacle courses. 

Indoor playground 
In any weather, Jungle City's indoor playground guarantees hours of entertainment. This covered space is perfect for rainy days.

Goolfy: the indoor mini golf
Enhance your day with a round of indoor mini golf at Goolfy. This unique mini golf course, with its fluorescent decorations and fun obstacles, is perfect for the whole family. Children will love the colorful challenges, and parents will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere. 

An unforgettable family day
Jungle City is more than just an amusement park. It's a destination where memories are made and smiles shine. By choosing to come by train, you start the adventure from the moment you depart, avoiding the hassles of the road and enjoying a relaxed journey. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on board and let Jungle City become the backdrop for your children's most joyful and unforgettable moments. We await you for a day full of laughter, discovery and fun!

Book your tickets today and get ready for an exceptional experience at Jungle City, the children's paradise! 

  • 50%* discount on your train journey
  • Children under the age of 12 travel for free (max. 4 children per paying traveller)
  • Round trip on the same day
  • On  weekdays, the outward journey is possible from 9h00 am.
  • More info about the Discovery Ticket
More information:
Address: Quai des Vicinaux 34, 7500 Tournai 

Accessible from parking lot B at Imagix, It takes 1,8 kilometers (in total) to walk from the train station to Jungle City.

Buy your Discovery Ticket in an instant

  1. Buy your e-ticket at and add a free Discovery Ticket voucher to your shopping basket.
  2. You will receive an e-mail from Jungle City with the Discovery Ticket code: this is a 16-character code.
  3. Order your Discovery Ticket directly from this page: copy and paste your code(s) in the last step before payment.
  4. Show the pdf of your Discovery Ticket on your smartphone or show a printed version when the train conductor passes by on the train.
  5. Enjoy your journey!

Frequently asked questions

Every holder of an e-ticket for Jungle City will receive a code to purchase 1 Discovery Ticket, allowing them to travel to the amusement park by train at half price.


The SNCB discount code is valid for the day of your excursion. Return on the same day.
Yeah, you can.
You will receive an e-mail from Jungle City with the Discovery Ticket code: this is a 16-character code.
Any other questions? Check out the frequently asked questions about the Discovery Ticket.

*Discount only applied to the non-fixed part of the Standard fare. In 2nd class, the fixed amount is € 1,3709, per single journey. In 1st class, it is € 1,7822 (less than 37km) or € 1,9193 (37km - 51km) or € 2,1112 (52km and more) per single journey. The minimum price per single journey is € 2,50 in 2nd and € 3,30 in 1st class.