Come back on the 19th of June - 10 am to get your train ticket for P!NK.

Take the train to the P!NK concert

  • By regular train to Brussel South
  • Return by night train with reserved seat to Ostend, Roeselare or Antwerp
  • For only € 12
  • 24h free parking (on 14 July from 8:00 to 8:00 the day after) at the SNCB car parks Mechelen, Antwerp-Centraal, Ghent-Sint-Pieters, Bruges, Aalst, Wetteren, Deinze, Waregem, Kortrijk and Roeselare
  • From Brussels South, metro line 6 (direction King Baudouin) will take you to the King Baudouin Stadium. Use the STIB Event Pass on your concert ticket.

Buy your Night Train Ticket P!NK from 19/06 - 10 am

Choose your destination: Ostend, Roeselare or Antwerp
Night train ticket P!NK - OSTEND
Outward journey by regular train, homeward journey by night train to Ostend
The night train stops in Ghent-Sint-Pieters, Aalter, Bruges and Ostend.
Night train ticket P!NK - ROESELARE
Outward journey by regular train, homeward journey by night train to Roeselare
The night train stops in Aalst, Wetteren, Deinze, Waregem, Kortrijk, Izegem and Roeselare.
Night train ticket P!NK - ANTWERP-CENTRAL
Outward journey by regular train, homeward journey by night train to Antwerp-Central
The night train stops in Mechelen, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Duffel, Antwerp-Berchem and Antwerp-Central.

All about your journey to the P!NK concert

You can buy the P!NK Night train ticket only on, as from 19/06/2024 – 10 am. You can print the train ticket or save the PDF to your smartphone.
Yes, if you’re departing from Brussels Airport - Zaventem station, you will need to buy a Brussels Airport Supplement. You won’t be able to return to Brussels Airport - Zaventem after the concert as there will be no extra night train to this station.

Special night trains run from Brussels-South station to Ghent-Sint-Pieters - Aalter - Bruges - Ostend - Aalst - Wetteren - Deinze - Waregem - Kortrijk - Izegem - Roeselare - Mechelen - Sint-Katelijne-Waver - Duffel - Antwerp-Berchem - Antwerp-Central. You can take a night train only with a P!NK Night train ticket. This ticket is valid as a reservation. The terminal station of the night train on your train ticket must therefore match the night train that you take.

The supply of night trains is determined in consultation with the concert organiser based on the origin of visitors.

Your P!NK Night Train Ticket gives you free access (from 8am to 8am) to one of the following NMBS car parks: Mechelen, Antwerp-Central, Ghent-Sint-Pieters, Bruges, Aalst, Wetteren, Deinze, Waregem, Kortrijk and Roeselare, where night trains stop. 

To access the NMBS car park before the concert:

  • from your car, press the flashing button next to the yellow slot of the entrance terminal
  • collect your entrance ticket
  • enter the car park and take the train to Brussel South

After returning by night train:

  • Insert your parking ticket, which you received when you entered the car park, into the pay station
  • Scan the parking barcode on your train ticket
  • The rate will be 0€ and your parking ticket will be validated
Upon ticket control on the train during the outward journey. There will be an access control at Brussel South station before boarding the extra night train. Boarding a night train is only allowed with the corresponding P!NK Nighttrain ticket. As P!NK Nighttrain tickets are nominative, you must be able to present your train ticket along with your (photo) ID.

P!NK night train tickets are personal. You cannot pass them on or resell them. These tickets cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded.
No upgrades are possible on the return journey.

On Sunday 14 July P!NK will be performing at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, her very first stadium show in Belgium. Last year, P!NK was the headliner of a sold-out Werchter Boutique festival. P!NK enchanted the audience with numerous hits, visual spectacle, breathtaking aerial acrobatics, and confirmed her status as one of the best live performers of all time. The truly impressive show received rave reviews. P!NK will be accompanied by special guests The Script, GAYLE, and KidCutup on the Summer Carnival Tour 2024.
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