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Lost property

Have you lost or forgotten an object on a domestic train, on the platform or in a Belgian station? Fill in the lost property form to increase your chances of finding it.

Departures from station

Check the real-time train departures and arrivals at your station.

Problem or issue at this station?

Call the emergency number 0800 30 230.
You can also reach us via Messenger or Twitter.

Follow your train in real time with Train Map

Check the map to discover which trains are currently running on the SNCB-network. Find your train, track it in real time and get all useful passenger info.

Report your lost property

Description of the lost item

Have you lost several items, for example your bag containing your tablet? You only need one report. Just select 'bag' as the lost item and include your tablet in the description.


Describe your lost object

You've lost multiple objects, like your backpack with your laptop in it? Then you only need to file one report. Just select 'backpack' as your lost object and tell us about the laptop in the description.

To make the search for your lost object easier you can upload a picture of it.

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If you also lost some money, please fill in the following fields.

Where did you loose your item?

Where exactly did you lose your item(s)?

If the final destination of your international train is abroad, contact the foreign railway service or the carrier, in order to look after your lost property.

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You'll get a confirmation email within 10 minutes (also check your spam folder). Once you get the email, the search for your lost property begins. If you don't get the email after 10 minutes, please contact customer service.