Parking Turnhout P1


Hoofdingang Stationsparking, Turnhout  Kiss & Ride: /  Access 24/7 
 Open air parking
 No height restrictions
 - parking places
 - parking places  - Cambio places


  Prices train-passengers Prices non-train passengers
Ticket (*)
Max/24h: € 6,00 Max/24h: € 6,00
Season tickets (**) 1 month: € 22,00
3 months: € 61,60
12 months: € 220,00

All rates are mentioned for information purposes and are subject to change. Only the rates displayed on the totem pole at the entrance to each car park are applicable.

(*) Via parking meters
(**) Parking tickets can only be purchased at the counter


Product Availability
Tickets Available
10-Admission card Not available
Season tickets with garanteed space - Train passengers Available
Season tickets with garanteed space - Non-Train passengers Not available
Night-time season tickets Not available