If you don't have a parking product, the only way of accessing the car park is to take a ticket from the car park's entrance terminal.

  • from your car, press the flashing button close to the yellow slot on the entrance terminal.
  • retrieve your entrance ticket
  • enter the car park
Be careful to keep your admission ticket. You will need it to pay for the parking!

NMBS\SNCB customers, who use a parking ticket can take advantage of a preferential rate.

  • validate your ticket at the station ticket office where you are parked before making payment at the car park's automated ticket machines. You can do this when leaving or returning to your car
  • the counter staff will validate your parking ticket upon presenting your valid transport ticket
  • then use the car park's automatic ticket machines
  • after making payment, you then have 15 minutes to retrieve your vehicle and leave the car park