Save time and avoid queues at the ticket office

Do you regularly make the same train journey? Buy a 10 same journey card and pay for 10 single journeys in one transaction*.
  • Save time: no more 10 stops at the ticket office
  • Determine your route: 10 one-way trips on 1 fixed route that you have chosen
  • Sharing is allowed (card not nominative): 1 or more travellers with the same card
  • Enjoy more comfort: buy a 1st class card or choose a card with 10 class upgrades
  • No worries if you don't travel often: the card is valid for one year after purchase
With a 10 same journey card, you travel 10 times at your preferred fare on your favourite route.
* What is a single journey?

A single journey is a journey that takes a traveller from point A to point B without a scheduled return journey.
  • With your 10 same joureny card you travel 10 times in one direction or the other between two stations that you have chosen in advance.
  • You can take a train at any hour.
  • Your single ticket is valid for a journey with the shortest distance in km between the departure and arrival stations.

Frequently asked questions

The price of your 10 same journey card will depend on :

  • the distance of your trip
  • any reductions you may be entitled to (Kids Ticket, Preferential Reimbursement Card, Large Families, Military Discount Ticket, Journalists etc.). If no reduction is applicable, the price of your 10 same journey card will be based on the price of the Standard Ticket.

Check the individual price of a ticket for a single journey (with or without reduction) and multiply it by 10.

In that case, it is best to buy that ticket instead of a 10 same journey ticket (e.g. Weekend Ticket, Senior Ticket, Youth Ticket, Brussels Airport Supplement, Bike Supplement, Charleroi Airport Ticket, Bus TEC Charleroi Airport Ticket...).

What can I do to avoid going to the ticket office every time?

  • We recommend you buy your ticket easily and quickly via the SNCB app. The app is free and accompanies you throughout your journey up to your destination. Just show your ticket on the screen of your smartphone or tablet to the train conductor during controls. No smartphone? Buy your ticket online without extra cost and print the pdf you receive on an A4 sheet, or load your ticket onto your eID card.

  • Younger than 26? Then choose the Youth Multi. A card with 10 (one way) journeys at a fixed price. The card is valid for one year and can be shared among friends. During school holidays, it is best to choose Youth Holidays. With these, you travel without limits in Belgium for € 19 per week or for € 29 for 30 consecutive days.

Before you get on the train, fill in your 10 same journey card in this order:
  • In letters: the day of the week
  • In 6 digits (DD/MM/YY): the date
  • The destination of your journey in letters: always one of the two stations* or zones* preprinted on your card
  • Fill in one line per traveller and per journey
  • Enter a new line if you have made a mistake
No. With your 10 same journey card, you can make 10 one-way journeys between the two stations you selected when you had the card issued. As long as you travel the shortest route in kilometres, you can use one line on your 10 same joureny card to make as many changes as you like on your route.
Looking for parking close to your station? By presenting your train ticket you can take advantage of an attractive discount on the cost of parking. Information and conditions relating to SNCB parking.