Choose your Youth Holidays according to your age and needs:

Youth Holidays

Unlimited train!

> For all under 26
> Personalised Mobib card or app
> 1 week at €18 or 1 month at €35
> In 2nd class

More info on Youth Holidays

Youth Holidays Combi

Unlimited train + tram + bus + metro!

> Only for 18-24 year olds
> Personalised Mobib card
> 1 month at €59
> On the SNCB (2nd class), STIB, TEC and De Lijn networks

More info on the Youth Holidays Combi

If you don't yet have a MoBIB Card, you can buy an empty one online for € 6 with your My SNCB account (delivery time: 5 days) or go buy one from your nearest train station and get your Youth Holidays loaded onto your brand new MoBIB Card!

Youth Holidays

  • Valid from 29/06 to 01/09/2024
  • Available in 1 week (7 days) and 1 month (31 days) options
  • On sale via the website, app, ticket machines and ticket offices

Buy your Youth Holidays :
  1. Download the SNCB app on your smartphone
  2. Buy the Youth Holidays of your choice. The Youth Holidays are available under the "Multi" tab.
  3. Your Youth Holidays will be accessible via the SNCB app on your smartphone only. It will not be loaded onto your MoBIB card.
Validate one trip of your Youth Holidays before each train departure:
  1. Via the SNCB app, click on "Purchases" at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click on "Activate a journey" to generate a QR code.
  3. Present the QR code to the train attendant during the ticket control.
  4. You can activate an unlimited number of journeys within the validity period of your Youth Holidays.
  5. Have a nice trip 😉

Brussels Airport

You can use your Youth Holidays to travel to/from Brussels Airport, but you must buy a Brussels Airport Supplement separately for each travel.

To use the access gates at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station, scan the barcode or QR code on your Brussels Airport Supplement at the gates in order to get into the station.

Charleroi Airport

To travel to Charleroi Airport, use your Youth Holidays to travel by train to Luttre, Charleroi-Central or Fleurus. You can then continue your journey to Charleroi Airport by TEC bus with the Charleroi Airport Ticket.

To travel from Charleroi Airport, first travel to Luttre, Charleroi-Central or Fleurus by TEC bus with the Charleroi Airport Ticket. Then use your Youth Holidays to travel by train to the station of your choice.

Youth Holidays Combi

  • Valid between 29/06 and 01/09/2024
  • Available in 1-month pass (31 days)
  • On sale exclusively at SNCB (website, ticket machines and ticket offices)

The Youth Holidays Combi allows you to travel on the entire SNCB network in 2nd class (for Brussels Airport: supplement required), STIB (except from Brussels Airport to City with line 12), De Lijn (except Limbourg Express lines) and TEC (including A lines).

Youth Holidays are exclusively sold by the SNCB.

It is available at the ticket office, at the ticket machine and on the SNCB website. 

At the SNCB ticket office

The Youth Holidays Combi will be loaded onto your Mobib card. 
You don't have a Mobib card? Don't worry, you can get one at the ticket office for €6.

At an SNCB ticket machine

With your personalised Mobib card registered/recognised with the SNCB (in most cases, this means that you have or have already had an SNCB season ticket on this card): the Youth Holidays Combi can be found under the 'Promotions' and ' Multiple journeys' tabs.
You don't have a Mobib card? Don't worry, you can get one for €6 at the counter (available immediately) or online (allow 5 working days for delivery of your new Mobib card).

On the SNCB website:

  1. Do you already have a personalised Mobib card recognised by the SNCB?
    Simply order the Youth Holidays Combi via the product page by clicking on the Youth Holidays Combi purchase button or when you enter your journey, the Youth Holidays Combi will also be offered for purchase.
  2. Do you already have a personalised Mobib, Stib, De Lijn or TEC card that is not recognised by the SNCB?
    Go to the ticket office to register it.
  3. You don't have a personalised Mobib card?
    First buy your Mobib card online via your My SNCB account (or create one).
    Keep the number of your new Mobib card to hand (it will be mentioned at the end of the purchase procedure as well as in the e-mail confirming your order).
    You can now buy your Youth Holidays Combi, just mention the number of your new personalised Mobib card when purchasing. 

! Remember to start your 1st day of validity 5 working days later, just long enough for your Mobib card to be delivered to you!

If you bought your Youth Holidays Combi at a ticket office or at a ticket machine, the Youth Holidays Combi is directly active.
If you bought your Youth Holidays via, you need to scan your Mobib card at an SNCB ticket machine before your first journey if you are travelling on the De Lijn network or if you are travelling on the Stib or TEC network on the day of your purchase. It only takes a few seconds.
Validity dates of the Youth Holidays in 2024:
  • Summer holidays: from 29/06 to 01/09/2024 included
  • Autumn break: from 19/10 to 03/11/2024 included
  • Christmas Holidays: from 21/12/2024 to 05/01/2025 included

Youth Ticket vs. Youth Holidays (Combi)

Did you know that for more than 2 journeys, it is already more attractive to travel with Youth Holidays than with Youth Tickets during the school holidays? See for yourself and travel smart!

  Youth Ticket Youth Holidays 1 week Youth Holidays 1 month   Youth Holidays Combi 1 month 
Price € 7,50 per single trip € 18 unlimited € 35 unlimited  € 59 unlimited
Validity At any time During the school holidays During July and August  During July and August
How? Select your destination with your purchase Travel where ever you want to! Travel where ever you want to!  Travel in Belgium on the SNCB, STIB, TEC and De Lijn networks