Cut the cost of short journeys with the Local Multi. It only costs € 2.80 (€ 2.70 in the app) per journey.

  • discount pass: € 28 for 10 x 2nd-class journeys (€ 27 in the app)
  • transferable: can be used for 1 or more people
  • want to upgrade? € 36 upgrade to 1st class (€ 35 in the app)
  • valid for 6 months within the valid area of your departure station

Practical info

  • your arrival and departure station: the arrival station must be within the valid region of the departure station
  • the date in the following format: DD/MM/YY
  • the date of the journey
Looking for parking close to your station? By presenting your train ticket you can take advantage of an attractive discount on the cost of parking. Information and conditions relating to B-Parking.