Up to 4 children (under 12) can accompany you free of charge.

  • Your child (under 12) therefore travels with you without a ticket.
  • They can also travel alone without a ticket with the Large Family card.
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Kids ticket -50%* off
If your child is travelling alone, or if you are travelling with more than 4 children (under 12)
Youth Ticket at €7.5
For all youngsters aged from 12 to 25 included who travel occasionally
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If your child is travelling in a group of more than 15 people, benefit from attractive fares and reserved seats.

Frequently asked questions

No, you don't need to buy a separate Brussels Airport Supplement for children under 12 years old:

  • Children under 12 years who accompany another traveller travel for free (Free4kids) do not need any ticket at all and do not have to pay the Brussels Airport Supplement. Accompanied children can pass through the gates at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station together with another passenger.
  • If your child is travelling alone with a Kids Ticket with Brussels Airport-Zaventem as departure or arrival station, the Brussels Airport Supplement is already included in the price of the Kids Ticket. You don't need to buy a supplement separately. Your child can open the gates at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station with the QR code that appears on his Kids Ticket.
An ID (or legal document) providing proof of the child's age is always required when travelling.

*Discount only applied to the non-fixed part of the Standard fare. In 2nd class, the fixed amount is € 1,3709, per single journey. In 1st class, it is € 1,7822 (less than 37km) or € 1,9193 (37km - 51km) or € 2,1112 (52km and more) per single journey. The minimum price per single journey is € 2,50 in 2nd and € 3,30 in 1st class.