With a Military Discount Card you enjoy up to 50%* discount rail travel!

  • 1st and 2nd class
  • to any destination in Belgium
The discount card is always required when buying tickets and when travelling.

Practical info

Who can apply for a Military Discount Card?

  • serving uniformed or plain-clothes military personnel 
  • chaplains, reserve officers and reserve NCOs who have not been discharged from their military obligations

Don't have a card yet? Apply for one from the Ministry of Defence.


Military personnel on active service and military personnel returning from the recruitment centre or travelling to barracks for their first meeting should use a utility bill.

3 reasons to buy your train ticket online

  • you buy your ticket wherever and whenever you want
  • you save time by skipping the queue at the ticket office
  • you always have your ticket on your smartphone

*The 50% discount only applies on the Standard Price component exceeding the fixed fee, per journey, amounting to € 1.1400 in 2nd class and in 1st class depending on the distance in kilometres applying a varying multiplier (0-36km: € 1.4820; 37-51km : € 1.5960 ; 52-150km : € 1.7556). Otherwise, a minimum price always applies, per journey, of € 2.40 in 2nd class and of € 3.10 in 1st class. The maximum distance charged for is 150 km per journey.