Unfortunately, the Duo Ticket promotion has ended. Come back next year for a new year-end promotion!
Ready for a cosy trip with two? A stroll in the city, a walk by the sea or dinner at your favourite restaurant? Enjoy this promotion during the end-of-year period! From 11 December to 9 January you travel with the Duo Ticket with two people for the price of 1 Standard Ticket.
  • valid from 11 December to 9 January
  • 1 ticket for 2 persons 
  • single or return journey
  • between 2 Belgian stations
  • in 1st and 2nd class
  • the two travellers have to travel together

Are you buying your ticket via this site or in the SNCB app? 
Then it is sufficient to 1 name a traveler. 

Is your departure or destination station Brussels Airport - Zaventem? 
Then you need a separate Brussels Airport Supplement for each traveller and each route. 

Find more FAQ at the bottom of the page


For travelling in pairs or multiples of 2, the Duo Ticket is the best solution. For an uneven number of travellers, the best alternative is to take a Duo Ticket (or several, depending on the number of travellers) and to add another product for 1 traveller (the remaining traveller). For this additional product, it is recommended to choose the traveller who is entitled to a lower fare, such as a young person up to 26 years of age (Youth Ticket), a senior person older than 65 years of age (Senior Ticket), etc. From 15 travellers upwards, the Group Ticket is the best option.
A valid traveller (+12 years) can take 4 children under 12 years for free. Since a Duo Ticket involves 2 travellers, up to 8 children can travel for free.
With a Duo Ticket you have to buy one supplement per traveller, so two Brussels Airport Supplements in total.
No. With a return Duo Ticket the return journey is always on the same day as the outward journey. If you want to make the return journey on a different (later) date than the outward journey, you can buy 2 single Duo Tickets.
Yes, that's possible.
No. To transport your non-folding bicycle, you always need a Bike supplement.