Are you environmentally friendly and a sports enthusiast? Then enjoy the freedom of taking your bike with your on the train!

Bike, tandem or bike trailer on the train

  • Buy a Bike Supplement for € 4 for a single journey.
  • Free for folding bicycles.
  • Paid as a supplement on top of your personal rail fare

Some precautionary measures when taking your bike with you

  • Speak to the train conductor before boarding. He will tell you if there are still bicycle spaces available and where you can put your bicycle.
  • Quickly find out if there's a dedicated space for bikes on your train? Check it in the journey planner or ask our chatbot Mobi via Messenger: "Where is the bike compartment on my train?"
  • It's preferable to avoid peak travel times. It's more comfortable at off-peak times.
  • Some stations are not accessible to bikes: Brussels-Centraal, Brussels-Congres and Brussels-Kapellekerk.
  • Need a bike park? Find more info on free or paying bike parks here.
  • Prefer to rent a bike? View what's on offer for bike hire at the station.

BikeOnTrain Travel Planner

Discover the travel planner dedicated to bikes.
BikeOnTrain helps you choose the best route to travel on trains with your bike. Check in a few clicks:
  • the accessibility to the platform (escalator, elevator, stairs with a bike ramp)
  • the accessibility of the train, and whether boarding requires the intervention of the train manager
  • the number of bicycle spaces on board the train(s)

Please notice: the Bike Supplement cannot be purchased in BikeOnTrain.

Reminder: If your train journey includes a replacement bus due to construction work, you can only take folding bicycles on board for reasons of space and safety.