Save time with the S train

Whatever time of day it is you leave, do you find there is no way of avoiding the Antwerp congestion and bottlenecks? Well it is, in fact, possible! By taking the S train, you can avoid the traffic jams and get to your destination with ease. 

What is the Antwerp S train? 

The Antwerp S train is what the Antwerp suburban rail service is called. As well as the city itself, this train covers an area of approximately 30 km around it. It includes no less than 54 stations and 4 suburban lines, ensuring that there is always a stop close to your destination.

Jump aboard the S Train!

  • Easily get to work or into town, and make the return journey without any fuss
  • Travel anywhere in and around Antwerp by train
  • Easily pick up your connecting bus and tram service
  • You no longer need to waste any time at weekends in traffic jams or looking for a place to park

Explore the Antwerp S Train map

Choose the ticket or season ticket that best suits you

  • The Standard Season Ticket is a non-transferable season ticket for a set route (outward-return), valid for 1, 3 or 12 months.
  • With the City Pass, you can enjoy unlimited use of the train, bus, and tram for 24 hours, one month, or 12 months. 
  • With the Standard Ticket, you can travel flexibly to the station of your choice.