Save time with the S train

No matter how late you leave it, do you find that Brussels traffic congestion is unavoidable? Well may be it isn't: with the S train, you can easily bypass the traffic jams and enjoy straightforward travel to your destination.

What is the S Train?

The Brussels S Train is the Brussels Suburban Regional Express Rail (RER) Service. In addition to the capital, it covers an area of approximately 30 km around it. With as many as 144 stations and 12 suburban lines, there is always a stop close to your destination.

Which type of ticket do I choose to take the S-train?

Explore the map of the Brussels S Train

Jump aboard the S Train!

  • Easily get to work or into town, and make the return journey without any fuss
  • Travel anywhere in and around Brussels by train
  • Easily pick up your connecting bus, tram and metro service
  • You no longer need to waste any time at weekends in traffic jams or looking for a place to park