The Technics directorate is responsible for the procurement, modernisation and upkeep of rolling stock. Its remit is to provide customers with safe, reliable, comfortable rolling stock adapted to their operational and commercial needs, in sufficient quantities to provide them with a premium service.

Objectives and priorities for the future

  • Optimising the availability and reliability of rolling stock;
  • Fitting rolling stock with the ETCS system to improve levels of safety;
  • Boosting the technical capacity of workshops to be able to maintain there a growing amount of rolling stock;
  • Constantly improving the organisation and operation of workshops;
  • Developing the maintenance services provided and sales for third parties.

Business activities

  • Maintaining and modernising trains in 13 workshops throughout the country;
  • Cleaning trains (PET, train wash)
  • Technical studies into rolling stock;
  • Specifications and approval documents for new rolling stock;
  • The recovery and repair of trains;
  • Training of technical staff;
  • Upkeep of freight carriages (Wagon Maintenance Services)

Workshops and service stations

We have 4 central workshops, 9 traction workshops and 17 service stations. They report to the SNCB Technics directorate.


SNCB workshop visits

We organise workshop visits for final-year students in vocational and technical education and well as technical education.


Maintenance services for third parties and miscellaneous sales

SNCB currently provides a variety of different types of service to third parties.