SNCB has 4 central workshops, 9 traction workshops and 17 service centres. They report to the SNCB Technics directorate.

These workshops are responsible for the upkeep, repair and refurbishment of electric multiple units, locomotives, double-ended locomotives and carriages. The staff at our workshops, who have extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies, work daily on safety, quality and the availability of the rolling stock, which is critical in the delivery of a premium service to our customers. This specific know-how is also appreciated by external customers, who entrust the maintenance of their rolling stock to our workshops.

3 central workshops

  • Are responsible for the long-term upkeep and modernisation of the rolling stock.

8 traction workshops

  • Are strategically spread out throughout the country
  • Are responsible for maintenance and short-term repairs for both locomotives and electric multiple units, double-ended locomotives and carriages
  • Also manage one or more specialist service stations ('PE') in minor maintenance and cleaning of rolling stock, and where applicable the maintenance of carriages ('PET')
  • Forest TGV traction workshop: specialising in the maintenance of high-speed trains (Thalys, Eurostar and SNCF's TGV trains).


All of our workshops have the following certifications:

  • Health and safety: OHSAS 18001
  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • Environmental management: ISO 14001

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