Atelier de traction de Charleroi

Workshop activities

Charleroi workshop, established in 2000, has state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies. The workshop's remit is to provide maintenance for electric multiple units, locomotives and diesel double-ended locomotives.

Like the Ostend workshop, hanger 4 in Charleroi, which is 180 m long, also has an axle pit system, which make the replacement of double-ended locomotive axles very fast. One hanger is specifically designated for maintenance and repairs on the new AM Desiro since December 2011.

The Charleroi workshop also manages two other sites:

  • The Mons service centre, which is responsible for routine maintenance, recovery and repair and interior and exterior cleaning of passenger rolling stock
  • The Châtelet service centre, which is engaged in the same work activities, but also has a maintenance hanger for M6 and M4m carriages.


AT Charleroi
rue Dupret Cambier 61
6001 Charleroi