Atelier de traction de Merelbeke

Workshop activities

The new Melle traction workshop, which was commissioned in October 2018, is responsible for the maintenance, servicing, repair and cleaning of diesel and electric rolling stock.

This workshops, fitted for the maintenance of modern rolling stock, has in particular a 200 m long maintenance hanger with roof-access platforms, as well as an under-floor wheel lathe for wheel reprofiling.

This workshop, located close to a freight corridor, is also able to work on locomotives belonging to third-party companies.

The Alost and Ghent Saint Pierre service centres, where routine maintenance and the cleaning of rolling stock stationed nearby is carried out, as well as the PET Kortrijk, which also maintains carriages and double-ended locomotives, are managed from the Melle workshop.


PW Melle 
Akkerstraat 33,
9090 Melle