Atelier TGV de Forest

Workshop activities

The Forest TGV workshop provides maintenance to the following trains:

  • TGV Thalys, which operate between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne,
  • TGV trains operating between Paris and Bruxelles,
  • Eurostar trains which interconnect Brussels-London and Paris-London,
  • TGV trains heading to Southern France.

This specialist workshop was built in 1992-1993. The workshop has 5 work hangers; the one reserved for maintenance to TGV high-speed trains extends over a length of 420 metres. Close to the workshop there is a covered, automated and ultra-modern installation for cleaning trains. A double under-floor computer-controlled lathe allows 2 wheelsets to be reprofiled at the same time on the same bogie. The workshop also has a work hanger for maintaining standard carriages.


AT Forest
rue du Charroi 20
1190 Brussels