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Young people often use public transport during the course of their everyday travel and leisure. For them, stations represent a favourite meeting place. Given that this customer base relies on us, we want to pay it the attention that it deserves. The railway environment represents a quite unique sector, governed by some very individual issues that are specific to it, including ones relating to safety.

The objective of this teaching dossier "On track" consists of raising awareness among young people about potential dangers, providing them with support services, but also getting them to think about the types of behaviour likely to undermine community spirit and safety. "On track" is written in three modules.

The different modules can be accessed directly from this page or on request, in printed form, by emailing [email protected].

Download the dossier

Click here to download the dossier (in .zip format).

This file contains all the elements needed to explain these issues to your pupils (not including the film and the game).

Accompanying data sheets and film

The dossier includes an exciting accident prevention film that might serve as a prelude to an interesting school outing or a debate in class.

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Who is this teaching dossier aimed at?
The teaching dossier is aimed a pupils in year 5 and 6 at primary school and in their 1st year at secondary school. The modules allow you yourself to broach the subject of safety in stations and their surrounding areas in the classroom. You can in fact also call upon a colleague from SNCB's Corporate Security Service to deliver this lesson free of charge.
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