Not only is Maastricht one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, but is the Limburg capital as well as the second city in the country for historical monuments. Its streets tell the story of the city's past as a Roman fortress town, religious centre, garrison town and early industrial heartland.

Its cultural wealth attracts visitors to the historic city centre and museums. Maastricht also entices shopping fans and causes food lovers to swoon at the taste of its regional cuisine and vast choice of beers.

In the fabulous Boekhandel Dominicanan bookshop, you will find reading matter regaled across the shelves of an ancient church. Chose your favourite reads under the frescos and gothic arches!

Feeling a bit peckish? Try an authentic piping hot Kroket, straight from a vending machine. It's quite a tourist attraction in its own right! You will find a FEBO vending machine on place Vrijthof.

Our range of tickets to and from Maastricht

Choose a ticket to suit your needs:
Maastricht Standard Ticket
The most flexible option.
All all your requirements (reductions, class, journey, etc.) perfect if taking the train to Maastricht from time to time.
Maastricht Weekend Ticket
Half-price return travel.
Can be used from 7pm on Fridays but also on public holidays and long weekends!
Maastricht Seniors Ticket
Reserved for passengers over 65.
Specifically for seniors for a outward/return train fare, on the same day, to Maastricht.
Maastricht Go Pass 1
Reserved for passengers under 26.
Ideal for a trip to Maastricht, for young people who travel occasionally.
Maastricht Child Ticket
Half-price travel for children under 12.
For the 5th and above child or if the child is travelling alone.
Free for up to 4 children under 12 accompanied by a paying passenger (+12 years old).
Maastricht Pet Ticket
The ticket for your four-legged friend.
Transporting an animal on a lead.
Free for small animals transported in a closed bag/cage as well as for guide dogs or assistance dogs.
Bike Ticket
Single journey for transporting a bike.
Transport for your bike to Maastricht, at a flat-rate fee.
Free for folding bikes.
Half-Time Season Ticket for Maastricht
For those travelling a few times a week to or from Maastricht.
Maastricht Section Season Ticket
For frequent commuters to and from Maastricht.
Network Season Ticket for Maastricht
For long journeys and when you want to travel over different routes.
Student Season Ticket for Maastricht
The student season ticket graduate solution at a student rate!
Maastricht Campus
The best option for students living in student accommodation.
Euregio Ticket
For public transport from a cross-border region for one day using an all-in-one ticket. Easy!