Teleworking and working from home have accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic. Flexibility in the choice of mobility has therefore become even more important. The SNCB Mobility Pack offers employers and employees a solution with a wide choice of travel modes, it is a practical response to the Mobility Budget introduced in 2019 and can be integrated into a cafeteria plan.

The Mobility Pack at a glance

Who is for?

For any company in the private sector, regardless of the number of employees.

Which season tickets?

  • Standard and Unlimited season tickets
    > 1 month
    > 3 months
    > 12 months
  • Flex Season Ticket 6/10/80/120

These season tickets can be combined with a STIB/TEC/De Lijn or with an SNCB car park supplement (supplements not eligible for the promotion)

All benefits at a glance

  • One agreement for all public transport
  • Real-time overview of all purchases
  • Extensive reporting possibilities
  • Free commuting for your employees with 80/20 third-party payment system
  • No upfront payment; payment term: 30 days after invoice date (monthly)
  • Tax advantage: 100% tax deductible and 6% VAT recoverable

4 mobility solutions

Train Season Tickets in 2nd class, possibly in combination with De Lijn, TEC, MIVB.

  • SNCB & STIB: with the Third-party payment system, you pay 80% of the 2nd class season ticket price. The remaining 20% are reimbursed by the government.
  • De Lijn & TEC: you pay 100% of the season ticket price (no government reimbursement).

More info on the different types of season tickets.

Formula with 20, 40 or 60 travel days that your employee with company car takes up freely during one year. One travel day is good for a whole day of unlimited travel on the entire SNCB network and, subject to a surcharge, on the transport networks of De Lijn, TEC and STIB. Can also be combined with a parking formula.

  • Available in 1st and 2nd class.
  • your employee combines the freedom of a company car with the comfort of the train and, by extension, other public transport
  • lower leasing cost possible because fewer kilometres are driven with the company car
  • from € 19,80 a whole day of unlimited train travel.

You pay 100% of the Railease ride cards and mother cards, and any supplements. For more info regarding the different formulas and rates, please contact our Business Centre.

Are you an employer and wish to facilitate the door-to-door journey of your employees with train season tickets? Then offer them a parking pass at the station as well.

  • Combined with all train season tickets (except Half-Time Season Ticket).
  • Simplify your administration via a third-party payer agreement for parking season tickets with SNCB.
  • Employer contributions are bundled and invoiced directly to you: the employer contribution is always 100% for parking subscriptions.

Want to know more? Contact the Business Centre.

With Business E-Ticketing, you can buy tickets yourself for your employees or customers.

  • choice from a wide range of tickets
  • available in 1st and 2nd class
  • order and follow-up via our SNCB Business Portal
  • employees or customers can travel immediately
  • you pay 100% of the tickets and receive a monthly global invoice (incl. 6% VAT)

Tickets under the Business E-ticketing contract: Tickets for a single journeytickets for a return journeyBrussels Airport SupplementWeekend TicketCharleroi Airport TicketSenior TicketLarge Families TicketPreferential Reimbursement Ticket and Youth Ticket

Our offer by average frequency of travel to work

2 days a week

Choose the Flex Season Ticket 80 on a yearly basis or Flex Season Ticket 6 on a monthly basis

3 days a week

Choose the Flex Season Ticket 120 on a yearly basis or Flex Season Ticket 10 on a monthly basis.

4 to 5 days a week

Then choose the Standard Season Ticket for unlimited travel on a fixed route or the Unlimited Season Ticket for unlimited travel on the entire rail nertwork.

Want to travel in a group, or take a large group of visitors or participants to a particular place? Discuss your event with us!

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