PROMOTION valid until 31 October 2023

Who is this promo for?

For any company in the private sector (who is not yet a corporate customer of SNCB) that subscribes to a Mobility Pack before 31 October 2023. The free month of employer's participation will apply to all new season tickets purchased up to 31 January 2024.

Which season tickets?

  • Standard and Unlimited season tickets
    > 1 month
    > 3 months
    > 12 months
  • Flex Season Ticket 6/10/80/120

These season tickets can be combined with a STIB/TEC/De Lijn or with an SNCB car park supplement (supplements not eligible for the promotion)

How does it work?

We will draw up a credit note based on the discount applied to the employer's contribution for the invoiced season tickets.

> 100% on 1-month season tickets
> 33% on 3-months season tickets
> 10% on 12-months season tickets.

The free month applies to the train season ticket only, and not to any STIB/TEC/De Lijn or SNCB Parking supplements.

A win-win solution!

As a private sector employer, you contribute to your employees' commuting costs.
Rather than limiting yourself to the statutory employer's share, take out a Mobility Pack with SNCB. While contributing 80% of the cost of your employees' season tickets, you can actually offer them free travel, as the remaining 20% normally payable by your employees is then covered by the State.

In addition to offering your staff free travel, the Mobility Pack gives you access to a range of tools to help you manage your staff's mobility and to the online purchase of other types of tickets for different travel needs.

With the promotion running until 31 October 2023, giving your staff the chance to try out the train for a month will cost you nothing at all.

Our offer by average frequency of travel to work

2 days a week

Choose the Flex Season Ticket 80 on a yearly basis or Flex Season Ticket 6 on a monthly basis

3 days a week

Choose the Flex Season Ticket 120 on a yearly basis or Flex Season Ticket 10 on a monthly basis.

4 to 5 days a week

Then choose the Standard Season Ticket for unlimited travel on a fixed route or the Unlimited Season Ticket for unlimited travel on the entire rail nertwork.

All benefits at a glance

  • One agreement for all public transport
  • Real-time overview of all purchases
  • Extensive reporting possibilities
  • No upfront payment; payment term: 30 days after invoice date (monthly)
  • Tax advantage: 100% tax deductible and 6% VAT recoverable

More details about our temporary promo

The promotion is intended for any company of the private sector that has not yet signed a third-party payment contract or a Mobility Pack with SNCB. Companies that already have a third-party payment contract or a Mobility Pack (or who would terminate their contract in order to sign a new agreement) are excluded from the promotion.
The promo applies to any new 2nd class season ticket purchased before 31 January 2024 through a new Mobility Pack subscribed between 21 August and 31 October 2023. You can benefit from the reduction only once per employee.

The credit note in favor of your company will be established on the basis of the sales of new 2nd class season tickets for the train. STIB/TEC/De Lijn supplements possibly combined with the train season ticket are not eligible for the promotion. Your employees can choose a 1st class season ticket, but in this case they will pay the difference between 1st and 2nd class themselves when purchasing their season ticket.
When you subscribe to a Mobility Pack for your company, you ;can freely order or buy rail season tickets for your employees. There is no other commitment than paying the invoices corresponding to your employer's contribution, after deduction of the credit notes that will be established for the season tickets that are eligible for the promotion.
If your employees have a rail season ticket, they can buy a car, motorbike or bike parking season ticket at a special rate at the station of their choice. As an employer, you can offer your staff this car park pass as part of your Mobility Pack. However, the car park pass is not eligible for the promotion. .