• an admission card entitles you to 10 admissions to a car park
  • 1 admission to the car park corresponds to 1 entry and 1 exit within 24 hours
  • the admission card can be bought at station ticket offices
  • this card is exclusively valid in only one of the station car parks where it was purchased
  • it is valid for 1 year from the time it is first used
  • is is not-transferable and non-refundable
  • the 10-admission card does not offer a guaranteed parking space

1) Upon purchasing a rail season ticket (1, 3 or 12 months), you have the option of buying 1 or more admission card(s).

  • the purchase of 1 admission card is allowed for each rail season ticket month (i.e. 1 month = 1 card, 12 months = maximum 12 cards at once)
  • exception: if you buy a 1 month valid rail season ticket and it is no longer possible to sell any new parking season tickets in this station, you can buy up to a maximum of two 10-Admission Cards at this time.

2) Throughout the valid term of your rail season ticket, you can once again buy a 10-Admission Card. Where this is the case, the following rules apply:

  • you can buy up to a maximum number of 10-Admission Cards corresponding to the number of full months remaining on your rail season ticket
  • if you only have less than one month's valid term on your rail season ticket, you can buy a 10-Admission Card provided you have a minimum of 10 valid days of your rail season ticket remaining
  • if you have at least 10 remaining valid days on your rail season ticket, purchasing a 10-Admission Card will not be allowed unless you renew your rail season ticket.

Only available upon purchasing one of the following products:

  • with a 10-Admission Card, you can take advantage of 10 entries and 10 exits provided that there are free parking spaces available
  • 1 admission corresponds to 1 entry and 1 exit within 24 hours
  • if the car park is displayed as being "full", admission to the car park is not possible
  • to access or exit the car park, you must insert your admission card into the yellow slot at the entrance (or exit) terminal 
  • retrieve your card from the terminal after it has been checked as being valid in order to activate the opening of the barrier
  • each time it is used, the number of remaining admissions is displayed on the terminal, when the number of admissions have all been used up, the card is automatically swallowed at the exit
  • if the maximum 24 hour period is exceeded, you will have to pay a supplement at a reduced price at the car park automated ticket vending machines
  • the admission card should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods (e.g. on the dashboard)