Do you have a part-time job and travel by train to Roosendaal occasionally? Opt for the Roosendaal Half-Time Season Ticket!

  • a season ticket for a single fixed fee
  • 10 journeys during the course of the valid term of the season ticket (5x return trips)
  • 1st or 2nd class
  • between any station in Belgium and Roosendaal via the Roosendaal-Gr. border point
  • cannot be combined with STIB, TEC or De Lijn
Don't yet have a Half-Time Season Ticket? Visit an SNCB/NMBS ticket office!

If your employer has signed a Paying Third-Party Agreement with SNCB, you no longer have to pay the full price of your season ticket. Your employer will be sent an invoice in due course for the element paid for by the company. Don't forget the certificate from your employer!

With your Roosendaal Half-Time Season Ticket, you can take advantage of attractive discounts on your parking place with B-Parking. Make the most of it!