Whether you are travelling alone or with others, with the Youth Multi, young people under 26 can enjoy 10 train journeys really inexpensively to any destination in Belgium!

  • low-cost, 10-journey pass for € 62 (at the counter or ATM) or € 60 (on the app)
  • valid for 1 year
  • only in 2nd class (but you can buy a class upgrade if you want to travel 1st class)
  • the paper Youth Multi can be used by several people and Youth Multi on the app as well, provided that the owner of the My SNCB account is present during the journey
Are you 26 or older? Choose the Standard Multi!
During school holidays you can enjoy unlimited travel to any destination in Belgium with Youth Holidays for only € 18 per week or € 35 per month (only in July and/or August).
Are you travelling in a group? As from 15 travellers, take advantage of reserved seats on the train and attractive discounts thanks to Group Ticket!

Yes, you can, but the Brussels Airport Supplement is not included in the price of your Multi. You will have to buy a separate Brussels Airport Supplement per person and per journey.

To go through the access gates at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station, you will need to scan the barcode or QR code on this Brussels Airport Supplement.

Read all about the Brussels Airport Supplement

To travel to Charleroi Airport, use your Multi to travel by train to Luttre, Charleroi-Central or Fleurus. You can then continue your journey to Charleroi Airport by TEC bus with the Charleroi Airport Ticket.

To travel from Charleroi Airport, first travel to Luttre, Charleroi-Central or Fleurus by TEC bus with the Charleroi Airport Ticket. Then use your Multi to travel by train to the station of your choice.