Do you use NMBS/SNCB trains in conjuction with De Lijn public transport services? Then take advantage of a saving by buying a combined season ticket, always less expensive and you will also be able to travel with an all-in-one travel ticket on your selected route.

  • your season ticket links your most important route with the entire De Lijn transport network (excluding De Lijn express buses on lines 68, 178 and 179)
  • to take advantage of this arrangement, all you need is for your route to include 1 or more journeys on De Lijn services
  • travel across the extensive De Lijn transport network can be combined with a Standard Season Ticket, a Student Season Ticket or a Unlimited Season Ticket
  • your season ticket is immediately available on you MoBIB Card from the station ticket office
  • are you moving house? Send us your new address as soon as possible

 Card 1 month 3 months 12 months
 Omnipas (+25)  € 45  € 121  € 311
 Buzzy Pazz (-25)  € 29  € 67  € 175

To buy your first season ticket, you've got two options :

  • Online via My SNCB. Click 'Buy new subscription' and follow the steps up to the payment screen.

  • At the ticket counter at a station of choice with:
    • your electronic ID card
    • your MoBIB card (if you already have one)
    • your completed school certificate if you are 18+ and want to buy a Student Season Ticket

Don't have a MoBIB card yet? No problem! You'll get one online or at the counter for a processing fee of € 6 when buying your first season ticket.


  • Log into your MySNCB account (or create an account)
  • Choose the season ticket option, which you would like to renew and renew it!

In station:

  • At the ticket office
  • At the ticket vending machines
  • The majority of your train pass (an average of 59,57% for a 2nd class pass) and of your supplement (an average of 71.8%) is legally required to be reimbursed by the employer of the private sector. So you can take unlimited trains between home and office for an average of 40,43% of the cost of a 2nd class pass. If your employer enters into a third party payer agreement for commuting with SNCB, you only have to pay your own part at the time of purchase and no longer have to advance the full amount.
  • Free travel to work? For employees from the private sector, there is the possibility of a free train pass, possibly supplemented with a free STIB/MIVB supplement. This depends on what your employer offers. To travel to work free of charge, your employer needs to conclude a third-party payer agreement for commuting with SNCB. Employees of the Federal Government can also apply for a free train pass, possibly supplemented with a free STIB/MIVB supplement.
  • If your employer has concluded a third-party payer agreement for B-parking with SNCB, you can also park entirely free of charge in B-Parking pay car parks at the station (subject to availability). Parking at (smaller) stations is often free of charge.
  • Contact your HR or mobility manager for the possibilities.
The TEC/STIB/De Lijn supplements are added to the price of your season ticket.

Calculate the price of your season ticket:

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