What is the MoBIB card?

The MoBIB card (MoBility In Belgium) is an extremely practical non-transferable electronic smart card storing SNCB season tickets, Youth Holidays, Citypass and Brupass, as well as STIB or TEC tickets and season tickets, and De Lijn season tickets. It really makes transport options much easier throughout Belgium. Furthermore, the MoBIB care is secure: in case it is lost or stolen, you can retrieve its contents!
You already have a MoBIB Card
Your personalised MoBIB Card issued by SNCB, STIB, TEC or De Lijn offers a wide range of benefits. How can you make the most of it and use it to best effect?
Don't yet have a MoBIB Card?
You can get a MoBIB card for € 6 at the ticket office of your choice or online when you buy a season ticket.
Lost or stolen Railcard?
Find out about what solutions there are for recovering your MoBIB card and your season ticket.
MoBIB B2B Card
Take advantage of the benefits of the MoBIB card for businesses.

Read your MoBIB Card using the SNCB MoBIB app

The SNCB MoBIB app allows you to read your MoBIB card at any time, wherever you may be, using your smartphone. 

  • It's no longer necessary to go to a ticket office or ticket machine to find out the contents of your MoBIB card.
  • Check the remaining valid term of your tickets currently in use to be able to best plan your travel.
  • Don't forget to reload your tickets or renew your season tickets using automatic alerts.