SNCB is using a smart card for its season ticket holders

'Paper-format' SNCB season tickets have been phased out and replaced with electronic season tickets loaded on to the MoBIB card. Your personalised MoBIB card issued by SNCB, STIB, TEC or De Lijn will provide you with a wide range of benefits. Do your employees already have a MoBIB card?

Important: Half-time, Youth Multi season tickets and complex season tickets (including 'via' or 'antenna') cannot be loaded on to the card.

What is the MoBIB Card?

The MoBIB card is an interoperable smart card issued by SNCB, and also used by STIB, TEC and De Lijn.

This card may contain several season tickets (transport contracts), although it is not a season ticket in itself.

A wide range of benefits for the employer and employee

  • SNCB, STIB, TEC and De Lijn season tickets can be loaded onto an all-in-one travel card. In time, other public transport companies will also be included.
  • If your employee already has a personalised MoBIB Card issued by STIB, he/she will be able to use it to load his/her SNCB season ticket.
  • In case of loss or theft, it can be blocked immediately and replaced free of charge with identical contents
  • No printing or processing costs in case of a change of itinerary
  • The paid car parking season ticket managed by SNCB (B-Parking) can be loaded onto your MoBIB card
  • The MoBIB Card can also be used for your Cambio or Villo season ticket
  • Practical, easy to use and reload!
  • For any season ticket exclusively registered on a MoBIB Card, the procedure for blocking and refunding the season ticket is amended. It is done by sending an electronic form. The employer will not therefore need to physically return the employee's travel pass to SNCB.
  • All new season ticket holders (for example, a new member of staff), whatever the desired term of the season ticket (annual, quarterly, monthly). The future season ticket holder will be able to visit a ticket office of his/her choice, complete with his/her E-ID,  where applicable with a € 5 printing and processing fee and with his/her employer certificate if the employer has entered into a third-party paid contract with SNCB.

    If the employee already has a personalised MoBIB card, issued by SNCB or by another operator, it can be used to load his/her season ticket. Where this is the case, the € 5 printing and processing fee does not apply.

    Note: unless expressly requested yourself, the current contractual conditions governing the assignment of charges for printing and processing paper-format main cards and SNCB MoBIB cards shall remain unchanged.

    Your new employees, who would like a season ticket, need to present themselves to a ticket office at a station of their choice, complete with their identity card and an employer certificate, for the purpose of processing their personal MoBIB card onto which the season ticket will be loaded. This is a requirement for new season ticket holders, whatever the term of their season ticket.


    Using our website and your employee's My SNCB account. Fast and simple, the app will enable him/her to renew his/her season ticket at home or at the office without any need to go to a station.

  • For an SNCB season ticket, the employee will be able to renew it up to the day before the desired valid start date.
  • For a season ticket including a STIB, TEC or De Lijn supplement, the employee will have to renew it at least 5 days before the desired valid start date.
  • All these season tickets can be renewed online up to 31 days in advance.
    As part of a Third-Party Paid Agreement, as an employer, you can as an option block a member of staff from renewing his/her season ticket at any time.

    In station

    Either at a new ticket vending machine or at the counter: your employee can receive your rail season ticket  as well as any STIB / TEC / De Lijn supplements.

  • Online: by accessing one's My SNCB account
  • In station: by presenting one's MoBIB card at a new ticket vending machine or at a ticket office
  • In train: by making a request to a train conductor
  • More information?

  • Read the FAQ
  • Read our offer of services for employers and employees
  • Contact your Account Manager or the Business Center on 02/528.25.28 (working days from 9 am to 5 pm)