Your personalised MoBIB card issued by SNCB, STIB, TEC or De Lijn offers a wide range of benefits. Don't yet have a MoBIB card? 

How to take advantage and use it to best effect?

  • All train season tickets, combined or not combined with TEC, De Lijn or STIB whatever the term of your season ticket may be. 
  • Car parking season tickets managed by SNCB (B-Parking) can also be loaded on to your new MoBIB card.
  • Exceptions: Half-Time, Youth Multi season tickets and complex season tickets (including 'via' or 'antenna') cannot be loaded on to your MoBIB.
  • Visit the ticket office at a station of your choice, together with your MoBIB card and your electronic identity card (E-ID). Don't yet have a MOBIB card?


    Log into or create a My SNCB account. It's quick and easy, the app allows you to renew your season ticket without even having to visit a station.

    For an SNCB season ticket, you can renew it on the same day as the desired valid start date. In the confirmation email, PDF tickets are provided for travelling for the first few days.

    For an SNCB season ticket combined with STIB, TEC or De Lijn, you can renew it no later than 5 days prior to the desired valid start date.

    You can renew all these season tickets up to 31 days in advance.

    In station

    Either at a new ticket vending machine or at a ticket office: you can pick up your rail season ticket as well as any STIB / TEC / De Lijn supplements.

    Note: since the 21 April 2015, the TEC supplement for your season ticket is moving on to MoBIB. To renew your combined season ticket, visit the ticket office at a station of your choice to complete this first renewal. For subsequent renewals, you will subsequently be able to complete them at the ticket vending machines in station or online using your My SNCB account.

  • Online: via your MySNCB account
  • Using the My MoBIB app
  • In station: by presenting your MoBIB card at a new ticket vending machine or at the ticket office in a station of your choice
  • In train: by making the request to a train conductor
  • Consult the FAQ.