If you're not used to travelling by train, fear not! With the tips below, you can embark on a whole new adventure that awaits you with confidence.
Find out 6 tips for better planning your trip!

Plan your trip

Thanks to our route planner, you'll find the fastest and easiest way to reach your destination. Explore the intuitive route planner to the left of this page.

Choose the best option

Whether you travel once in a while or every day, we can find the best ticket or season ticket option for you! Find out if you can take advantage of a discount!

Buy your ticket

Should you print your ticket or show it on your smartphone? Buying your tickets online is really simple! Did you know that you can use your MoBIB Card or your electronic ID card as a travel pass?

Use our app

Our app is your ideal travel companion: it will keep you updated in real time about your train's timetable. The SNCB App is your ideal travel companion: it will keep you updated in real time about your train's timetable and allow you to buy your ticket. All this you can do quickly on your Smartphone in just a few clicks!

On the right track

All our stations are easily accessibly wherever you are coming from. Whether you prefer to travel to the station by car ? Or by bike? Or if you are coming using public transport?

Contact us

Need answers to your questions? View our FAQ, contact us by phone or using social media. Full contact information can be found at the foot of this page!

SNCB/NMBS gives special attention to passengers with reduced mobility or those who have difficulty standing

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