With the SNCB route planner, whether you choose the train, the tram or the bus, you will find the best door-to-door route to your destination! Taking a direct train to the Belgian coast or the Ardennes, customising the time of your connections or finding the departure track of your train will soon hold no secrets for you! Find the right timetable for you with our handy route finder.

My journey

My travel data

You can find the route planner on the page you're at right now. If you're on a pc, it's on the top of the screen at the left side. When you're on a smartphone, you can view it after clicking "My journey" on top of your screen.

1. Enter your point of departure in the "from" field and your destination in the "to" field. To do this, enter the first few letters of your point of departure or destination and select the place from the suggestions offered by the route planner.
2. Select a travel date (by default today's date) and the desired departure time.

Tips: how to choose my destination station?

Pay attention to the names of the stations. For example, Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp or Liege are large cities with several different stations.
It is also possible to enter an address, the name of a bus, tram or metro stop in the "From" or "To" fields of the route planner.

Customise my journey

By clicking "personalize my journey", you can extend the time between two connections and specify the means of transport you want to use (train, tram, bus, metro, car and bicycle).

3. Select the duration of the desired transfer time.
4. Specify your means of transport to start and end your journey.
5. Choose your preferred means of transport (train, bus, metro, tram).
6. Click on "close" when you have customised your journey and click on "plan my journey" to display the search results.

Tips: how to prepare for your journey to or from the station?

If you are travelling to or from the station by car, check the parking facilities available at the station.
Park your bike in a secured parking spot. Check out the available secure bicycle parking facilities.
Renting a bike has never been easier! Rent a bike at the station with Bluebike.
If you are using public transport, find out about ticket prices and journey times.

Search results

Overview of possible routes

The route planner displays a number of possible journeys that match your route search.

At a glance, you can see the departure and arrival times, the duration of the journey and the number of different means of transport required for your journey. Would you prefer to leave at a different time, or change the authorised means of transport? Click on "modify my journey/close" to edit your request.

Tips: what do the information messages in my route details mean?

  • "There are X messages for this route": several messages concerning your route, you will find them all in the route details.
  • "Attention: this train is cancelled": one or more trains are not running, or are only partially running, on this route on the date in question.
  • "This route may require two tickets": if you choose this route, which may be faster but not the shortest in kilometres, you may have to turn back at a connection. In this case, you will need a second train ticket for the part of the journey that is not covered by the shortest route in kilometres. More info.

7. Click on a journey to view the details of the selected route.

Details of your journey

Here you will find details of the different means of transport to use, the directions to take, the track numbers for your trains and a list of intermediate stops. The track number indicated may be adapted at the last minute, check the notice boards in the station or the real-time information on the SNCB app.

Tips: which train type am I taking?

Pictogram Train type
  IC (InterCity) IC trains connect the major cities in Belgium. These trains only stop at the most important stations, sometimes also crossing national borders.
  P (Peak hour) P trains are the rush hour trains. They offer additional alternatives when travelling at peak times. Most of these trains run in the morning and late afternoon.
  L (Local train) L trains generally connect major cities, but stop at every station along the way.
  S (S train) S trains are suburban trains (superurban) connecting a large city with the surrounding communities. S trains stop at most stations on their route.
  ICT Additional train service (IC Touristic), used in the case of very heavy traffic. These are, for example, trains that run to the coast on very sunny days.
  Replacement buses
In the event of works or disruptions on the railways, SNCB may organise a replacement bus service. To travel on these buses, simply present your official and valid ticket (ticket or season ticket).

8. Click on "Buy train ticket" to show the suggested tickets for your journey. 

Choose a ticket for your journey on the national rail network


  • All national train tickets are calculated on the basis of a fixed fare according to the distance travelled.
  • There is no need to buy your tickets in advance, as there are no seat reservations available (except for Group Ticket reservations and special night trains at festivals).
  • Your ticket is valid for a single journey (or return journey if specified), at any time of day specified on your train ticket and in the comfort class you have chosen. Take advantage of 1st class for a more enjoyable journey.
  • Children under age 12 travel free of charge if accompanied by a paying passenger.
  • If you buy your train ticket online, print out the pdf or show it on the screen of your smartphone.
Which ticket or season ticket should I choose? Compare and calculate the price the price of the formula that suits you best!


Discounts are available based on the age of the passenger, or if you have a discount card. For more information, check out all of our discounts and freebies.

Tips: will I have a place to sit in my train?

  • Anticipate the occupancy rate of your train with the SNCB app:
    Consult the train timetables in real time, obtain the departure/arrival times of the buses, trams and metros that will complete your journey or adapt your travel times thanks to the occupancy rate forecast for your train. Download the SNCB app for free.

  • Looking for more comfort and space?
    Opt for a 1st class journey with the Class Upgrade. Please note that if you wish to buy it on board, it will be charged at the same price as the On-Board Fare (Class Upgrade + € 7 supplement).


Not yet. But we're always investigating the feedback of our clients and hope to be able to add this feature in the future.
To discover the complete schedule of a train, with stops and real time updates, you can use our tool to search for a train by number.
To discover all the planned departures at a station in real time, you can use our tool to find a timetable by station.
You can download the leaflet with timetables of a specific train on this page. You can also create and download a leaflet with a personalised timetable at this page.
You can easily plan for a trip abroad by visiting SNCB International.

Plan your journey with the SNCB route planner

  1. Enter your point of departure and destination.
  2. Select a travel date and the desired departure or arrival time.
  3. In "Personalize my journey", select the desired connection time.
  4. Indicate your means of transport to start and end your journey.
  5. Choose your preferred means of transport (train, bus, metro, tram).
  6. Click on "Plan my journey" to display the search results.
  7. Choose a route to display the details of the chosen route.
  8. Select "Buy train ticket".
  9. Buy your ticket, print the pdf or show it on your smartphone when there's a check on board of the train.
Have a nice trip :-)

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