One of the two main missions of the Innovation Program is to spread the culture of innovation. To reach its objectives, Innovation Lab launched a new catalogue of training courses open to all SNCB employees in January 2023. Through these courses, employees receive training in innovation and learn to use useful tools in their everyday work.

The five main courses are:

  1. Release Your Creativity: this one-day course enables employees to learn more about the creative process, discover several conception methods (creative process to generate ideas), and learn to use tools to lead team brainstorming sessions.

  2. The Fundamentals of Design Thinking: this three-day course enables employees to discover the Design Thinking methodology in detail. They learn to approach the customer issue from different angles, lead a brainstorming session creatively, create a prototype, and present their ideas in a high-impact way.

  3. Say Hello to Design Thinking: this one-day course enables employees to learn more about the Design Thinking methodology: understand a customer’s issue, brainstorm creatively, and design a prototype.

  4. From the Idea to the Solution: the Prototype: this one-day course enables employees to turn their ideas into concrete solutions. From a simple drawing to an interactive prototype, many aspects of prototyping are taught here.

  5. Storytelling: How to Sell Your Idea? : this one-day course enables employees to design and apply the narrative process to motivate and inspire their colleagues.

Innovation is therefore no longer focussed within the Innovation Lab but is spread cross-functionally through many departments.