The health crisis revealed the hidden cyclist in many of us, thus forming the perfect opportunity for SNCB to rethink its inter-modality. Among the many initiatives taken by SNCB in 2021 linked with this subject, the BikeOnTrain planner was born. Since 2022, we have offered cyclists help with choosing the most suitable train itinerary to embark on with their bikes. Through a route planner developed on a dedicated website, passengers know in advance if their train is suitable for bicycles or not.

This tool provides information on the number of places provided for bicycles on each train and on the bike accessibility of the train. An improved version with info on the accessibility of its platforms to bikes is currently under development since early 2023.

This project was initiated within Innovation Lab with the help of the passenger information teams, Digital, YPTO, and the service provider Stoomlink.

The added benefit for passengers?

Through the bike-friendly route planner “BikeOnTrain”, passengers know in advance which train is the most suited for their bikes. They can therefore choose their itinerary accordingly.