SNCB is adapting to the world surrounding it. The Coronavirus has sped up the development of a project included in its roadmap: an indicator showing the occupancy rate inside trains.

To enable passengers to travel safely by train, Innovation Lab (in cooperation with other Departments) designed a new application: “MoveSafe”. This application is now integrated within the SNCB application and informs passengers of the forecast occupancy rate within their train. This gives them a view of the density of people present before climbing onboard.

Concretely, how does it work?

On the one hand, the occupancy rate is calculated based on artificial intelligence fed by historic data and, on the other hand, based on real-time data provided by the onboard attendant via his/her smartphone. This provides quite accurate information on the train occupancy rate.

The added benefit for passengers?

This MoveSafe functionality enables passengers to receive the best information possible to select the train that best suits their needs. Through its color coding system, passengers can easily find out if the train they intend to take will be empty or conversely, almost full. This enables them to adapt their itinerary and travel safely.