Travelling by train can be a stressful experience for passengers, especially when they have one or more connections along their route. Often, they don’t know who to talk to nor how to obtain real-time information on their connection.

To tackle this issue, SNCB has developed a new functionality in Lab App: a “check-in” button which enables the passenger to register on a specific journey and be informed in real time on the status of their connection: will they make their connection? How long will they have to change platforms? etc.

From January to March 2023, several tests were conducted on many SNCB lines (including a connection). The aim of these tests was to find out if this “check-in” button was easy to use and whether the information provided was sufficient for passengers. Feedback was very positive and several paths are open to Innovation Lab for the next step (implementation within the SNCB app, development of several other push notifications via this “check-in” button, etc.).

The added benefit for passengers?

This project enables passengers to be informed in real-time on the status of their connection.