During works on a line or great disruptions on the network, SNCB provides its passengers with replacement buses in order to disrupt their travel as little as possible. These replacement buses are often a source of stress for passengers as they currently have no information in real time on this service (when is the bus arriving? where is it? etc.).

Over the past few months, Innovation Lab – in partnership with other departments – has developed a system to share the positions of these buses with passengers in real-time. Throughout the journey, passengers know the exact location of their bus and the wait time at each stop.

During an initial test phase, passengers received this information indirectly from SNCB personnel onsite. Since mid-March 2023, several tests were conducted on the Luttre-Manage bus line. The information is now provided to the passengers via the Lab App. Many interviews are being conducted to assess whether the chosen solution is the most suitable for SNCB and its passengers.

The added benefit for passengers?

This project enables passengers to follow their bus in real-time and find out in advance when the latter will get to the desired stop.