More and more passengers purchase their tickets online. With the seamless ticketing technology, passengers embark without stress and pay for their tickets in one click thanks to the Fairtiq technology based on GPS data. In order for the journey to be monitored in real-time, the passenger simply needs to “check-in” in the application. When they arrive at their destination and disembark from the train, the application offers them to end their train journey and generates a bill automatically.

Next steps?

After a successful test period where more than 1,000 travellers used the app, SNCB is currently evaluating whether this technology can be developed on a larger scale.

The added benefit for passengers?

This service improves the customer experience on different levels by removing the hassle of the train ticket purchasing process (selecting the ticket, entering the itinerary, repetitive encoded data, etc.) and the stress of missing their train when they have little time ahead (no more need to queue up at the ticket desks). This also enables us to offer them the most advantageous price for their journey.