"Where's the carriage for the bikes? Where is first class? Is my train air-conditioned?" Many questions that our passengers ask and which we can now answer. Since mid-April 2024, it has been possible to find out the composition of your train on the SNCB website before boarding.   

What kind of information is available? 

Passengers can check in real time:  

  • The number of carriages on their train  
  • Where the first class, bicycle compartment and the carriage adapted for people with reduced mobility are located 
  • If the train has air conditioning

The journey planner also always indicates how busy the train is. 


A not entirely new feature 

For some passengers, this feature is not completely new. They have already been able to test it via our SNCB Lab App (a replica of the SNCB application) and give their feedback. Thanks to this first successful test and their positive feedback, we have decided to add 'Train composition' to our website, and soon, our app. 

The SNCB Lab App now has more than 6500 users and can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play. Don't hesitate to become a tester by downloading the SNCB Lab. You can all have an impact on the SNCB of the future!