The day has come! SNCB is launching SNCB Lab to the broad public.  

What is SNCB Lab?  

It is a copy of the SNCB app that allows you to discover and evaluate new features before they are (perhaps) integrated into the official app. Thanks to the SNCB Lab, you get the chance to try out some of our ideas in advance and give us your feedback. Your feedback will help us further develop the future of the SNCB app. 

How does it work?

SNCB Lab works exactly like our official app, with two exceptions:

  • You cannot buy tickets through this test app.
  • You get the chance to test new and innovative features that are not yet available on the official app.

What can you test already?

The first two functions available in the SNCB Lab:  

  • "Train Composition & faciltiies" allows you to see the composition of the train aswell as the facilities on board
  • "Don't Miss My Stop" allows you to set a notification so you don't miss your stop. 
    Want to help shape the future of the SNCB app? Then download the SNCB Lab from the App Store or Google Play today!