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The Passenger Transport & Security directorate focuses on issues connected with the customer and his/her travel. It is responsible for:

  • analysing travel requirements and devising a customer-focused transport plan,
  • manning trains,
  • communicating with passengers,
  • the safety of the public at large, passengers and staff (Corporate Security Services),
  • welcoming passengers in stations and organising passenger flows in stations, including welcoming persons with reduced mobility.


The Passenger Transport & Security directorate sets out specific action plans to achieve its 5 priority objectives:

  1. Safety (operational safety, in the workplace and of the public at large),
  2. Customer satisfaction through improved punctuality, better service to customers, better information to passengers and a range of products and services providing more seated places,
  3. A modern HR policy and business culture (implementation of a proper Change/Performance Management, a Well-Being policy at work and combating employee absence),
  4. Effective and productive working practices through greater use of IT,
  5. Health financial reports based on rigorous monitoring of budgets, project and resource management .
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Transport plan

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With more than 235 million passengers per year, safety and security is our number 1 priority.

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