Atelier de traction d'Anvers-Nord

Workshop activities

The traction workshop of Antwerp-North established in 2000 is a modern workshop fitted with ultra-high-performance installations. It is located in the middle of the port of Antwerp.

This workshop specialises in maintaining electric and diesel locomotives both for SNCB and for third-party companies operating in Belgium. Its strategic location in the middle of train formation facilities in the port is an added bonus.

The Antwerp-North CHW wagons workshop, located in the same area, provides maintenance of freight wagons. It is certified for different levels of maintenance based on the VPI reference tool and based on the SNCB reference tool.

The workshop also manages a third site: the service centre of Antwerp Schijnpoort, which is responsible for minor maintenance and cleaning of rolling stock used for passenger transport.

The sites of CHW Antwerp and of TOP Schijnpoort have an under-floor wheel lathe facilitating locomotive wheel reprofiling.


TW Antwerp-North
Noorderlaan 630
2030 Antwerp