Atelier central de Cuesmes

Workshop activities

The Cuesmes central workshop has been in existence as a railway workshop since the nineteenth century. It has provided maintenance, repairs or modernisation on a variety of railway vehicles: locomotives, carriages, wagons, cranes and track service equipment.

This workshop also fabricates and repairs railway equipment components. Various mechanical and metal structures have been made over the course of time and are scheduled for the years ahead. This workshop also specialises in welding and, amongst other things, specialises in special steel and aluminium assemblies. The central workshop activities has been able to diversify according to the requirements of railway activities. Up to 2009 it had specialised in freight wagons and maintenance of box wheelsets. Currently the workshop is modernising, maintaining and repairing carriages (passenger rolling stock). The wide range of staff skills is one of the workshop's great strengths. The Cuesmes central workshop is careful to work to promote quality, permanent improvement, the health of workers, customers and local residents, safety and environmental awareness, based on the conditions set out in the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


AC Cuesmes
Avenue Joseph Wauters, 124
7000 Mons