Atelier de traction d'Hasselt

Workshop activities

The Hasselt traction workshop is responsible for the maintenance of the '96' and 'break' electric multiple units, '41' double-ended locomotives and 'M6' double-decker carriages, and for the repair, recovery and repair, interior and exterior cleaning of passenger rolling stock.

The Hasselt traction workshop is a fast-growing dynamic maintenance workshop, responsible for periodic maintenance of MR Break and MR96 electric multiple units, MW41 diesel-engine vehicles and M6 double-decker carriages. It is also responsible for the repair and the recovery and repair of passenger rolling stock and for the interior and exterior cleaning of trains.

These activities take place on the same site as the workshop, as well as on other sites: the Hasselt and Leuven service centres and recovery and repair centres.

About 300 members of staff work at the Hasselt technical workshop; they are responsible for about 7,000 jobs every year (ranging from minor repairs to periodic maintenance work).

The recent construction of an additional work hanger and multiple sections of track for the maintenance of M6 carriages represents major progress in terms of safety, productivity and reducing delays, thereby increasing the availability of equipment.


TW Hasselt
Kuringersteenweg 324
3511 Hasselt (Kuringen)