Conducteur de train


The Transport Operations directorate is responsible for:

  • scheduling services,
  • driving trains,
  • grouping and sidings operations,
  • implementing the transport plan,
  • managing rail traffic in real time.


The Transport Operations directorate draws up specific action plans in order to implement its 5 priority objectives:

  1. Safety (operational safety and a reduction in the number of signal breaches, safety at work and a reduction in the number of accidents)
  2. Customer satisfaction based on improved punctuality
  3. An up-to-date HR policy and corporate culture (implementation of proper Change/Performance Management, a Well-Being in the workplace policy and combating non-attendance)
  4. Effective and productive working methods based on more extensive automation, the implementation of large-scale investment projects, promoting environmentally friendly driving and energy consumption awareness
  5. Healthy financial statements based on rigorous monitoring of budgets, projects and resources.


The punctuality of rail traffic is an important indicator of the quality of the service delivered to our customers.

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SNCB has its own training bodies for train drivers.

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