Our working habits have changed significantly. With the widespread use of teleworking, many people travel to their workplace less often than before. In response to this trend, we will launch a Flex Season Ticket in the first quarter of 2023.

For operational reasons, its roll-out will have to be phased during several months. As soon as the Flex Season Ticket is available to them, each corporate customer will be contacted.

Whom is the Flex Season Ticket intended for?

The Flex Season Ticket is intended for people who travel to work an average of 2 to 3 days per week on a fixed route (for travellers who travel 4 days or more per week on a fixed route, the Standard Season Ticket remains more advantageous).

The Flex Season Ticket will be a digital product available in the SNCB App only and very simple to use: after activating his or her Flex Season Ticket, the traveller will have to validate a day of travel in the App each time and will thus be able to travel all day on the chosen route.

Which products will be avaiable at the launch?

Like today for season tickets, employers will issue vouchers for their staff through our Business Portal. With these vouchers, employees can activate their Flex Season Ticket in the SNCB App, optionally combined with one or more supplements for other regional public transport operators.

4 variants will be available:

  • Flex Season Ticket 6 days of travel over a period of 1 month
  • Flex Season Ticket 10 days of travel over a period of 1 month
  • Flex Season Ticket 80 days of trave over a period of 12 months
  • Flex Season Ticket 120 days of travel over a period of 12 months

The Flex Season Ticket can be combined with one or more supplements for STIB/MIVB, TEC and/or De Lijn, just like the existing season tickets, for 1 or 12 months. These supplements for regional transport operators will have to be purchased in the App, but will be loaded on the traveller's personalised MoBIB card.

Holders of a Flex Season Ticket can also buy a Parking Subscription at stations' ticket desks at the preferential rate for train users (with or without Third Party Payer)..

For individuals and for employees of companies who do not have a third-party payment agreement, only the Flex Season Ticket 10 (10 days of travel over a period of 1 month) will be available at the launch.

It will be sold directly in the SNCB App and paid by the traveller.

It will not be combinable with a STIB, TEC or De Lijn supplement, but holders of a Flex Season Ticket 10 will be able to buy a 1-month Parking subscription at the preferential rate for rail passengers at stations' ticket desks

In the future, the full range of Flex products and associated intermodal solutions will also be available to customers without a third-party payment agreement..

What can you do while waiting for the Flex Season Ticket to be released?

It will not be possible to exchange a current Standard or Unlimited Seaon Ticket for a Flex Season Ticket. For employers or workers who want to switch to a Flex Season Ticket, we recommend waiting until their current season ticket expires and purchasing a Flex Season Ticket at that time (when it becomes available).

It will be possible to ask a refund of a current Standard or Season Ticket (for the purpose of taking out a Flex Season Ticket), but as the amount of the refund is calculated on the basis of the remaining validity of the season ticket, this will be of little benefit in most cases..

  • For people who commute 4 days a week (or more), take a new 12-month Standard Season Ticket or Unlimited Season Ticket.

  • For people who commute 2 or 3 days a week and want to switch to a Flex Season Ticket:     
    • take 1-month or 3-month Standard Season Tickets or Unlimited Season Tickets until your company has access to the Flex Season Ticket.
    • you can invite your employees to buy Flex Season Tickets 10 in the app directly (independently from your third-party payment agreement) and refund them for this purchase according to the employer's intervention terms applied by your company, until your company has access to the Flex Season Ticket.