SNCB parking aims to guarantee convenient use of its car parks. The maintenance and upkeep of the parking areas both in terms of cleanliness and technical operation is SNCB parking's highest priority.

  • Accessibility for vehicles

The car parks can be easily and quickly accessed. No need to manoeuvre; you have plenty of room to park in complete safety and without damaging your vehicle.
Every parking space is at least 2.50 m wide by 5 m in length. With these measurements, the B-Parking spaces meet the most stringent European standards.

  • Accessibility for pedestrians

Pedestrian access has been designed to be as sensible as possible, allowing pedestrians to naturally find their way to the station from their parking space.

  • Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility

Every B-Parking car park has sufficient parking spaces catering for persons with reduced mobility, thereby meeting legal standards governing this. The position of these car park spaces is designed to maximise convenience, that is closest to the exits and lifts guaranteeing the greatest possible convenience for users with reduced mobility.

  • Cleanliness

In each car park, a maintenance and upkeep schedule is drawn up according to the specific requirements associated with this car park. An independent inspection body randomly comes to inspect the maintenance schedule based on properly defined criteria. Depending on the report that is drawn up, where applicable the maintenance schedules are reviewed to guarantee the utmost standards of cleanliness in car parks.

  • Technical features

The equipment is also regularly maintained with both preventative maintenance (better to act in good time before faults occur) or curative maintenance (replacing any eventual faulty parts in order to resolve recurrent problems). In this way, the technical equipment is guaranteed to operate effectively.